The Code Black Trilogy

Book 1

~Will Dr. Nicole Greenway lose everything including her life by being with the man she loves, Vincent Black?

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Resuscitation is the first book in Reneé D. James’s epic, romantic addictive trilogy, Code Black


Everyone clear! Charging! Shock! Resume compressions…


Dr. Nicole Greenway has it all. She has the high-end apparel, fancy car, the immaculate home, rewarding profession where she is the boss. But the only things that are missing is love—and sex. Actually she prefers not to get involved with anyone because she is already committed to her private practice.


Vincent Black, a busy, multi-billionaire entrepreneur, has gained attention even the negative kind. His best friend double-crosses him but even that is not a challenge for him—or so he thinks. Vincent is gorgeous, confident, sexy and seducing women has never been difficult …


Until he met her in his club.


But she had no interest in him because she was already in love—with her career.


Can he win her heart? Will he show her how love again? Will he resuscitate her?

Writer.  Author.  Sucker...For Sexy Romance    

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Book 2


“Recovery” is the second book in Reneé D. James's epic, romantic, addictive Code Black trilogy.

Strong. Independent. Sexy. Dr. Nicole Greenway has it all, including a new high-profile man who has attracted some attention—even the negative type.

But in the blink of an eye, everything she has worked so hard for could be all for nothing because she might not survive to see another day.

Alpha. Successful. Attractive. Vincent Black is the complete package, but being a renowned entrepreneur has disadvantages that could cost him everything—including her, that all-consuming woman in his life.

Will she return to a normal state of health, mind, and strength?

Will Vincent regain possession of something that could be lost forever?

Will they recover?

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